A.J. Allmendinger Failed Drug Test

It was announced moments ago on SPEED that A.J. Allmendinger has been suspended by NASCAR for a failed drug test. Sam Hornish Jr. will drive the #22 tonight but the future is very up in the air. If he makes it from North Carolina in the team plane in time.

Just yesterday my dad and I were talking about how A.J. needed a good rest of the year to get signed by a great team again next year and then this comes out. I have always been a fan of A.J. but doing any drug that isn’t prescription is stupid in this sport. It’s just too much of a risk to have him out there and be on a drug. He does have 72 hours to protest and supply a “B” sample to NASCAR, however if it’s anything other weed it should be out of his system in 3 days. A.J. is probably done in NASCAR due to this and Penske is going to have to scramble to get someone in the #22 for the rest of the year, as Sam Hornish will not please many sponsors.

A major issue for Penske could be the fact that they are the only team that drives Dodges in the series, finding a cross over driver won’t be easy. I guess getting rid of Kurt Busch wasn’t the best option, now was it?

EDIT: He already has a “B” sample produced.


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